Third Vaccination Announcement For Immunocompromised People

22 October 2021

Third Vaccination Announcement

This week the Government have announced that a third Pfizer vaccination (not a booster) has been approved for immunocompromised people. This includes everyone 12 and over and is to ensure that you get the best possible protection. The third dose will be available, free of charge, through your GP or Specialist. If you think you qualify, we recommend getting in touch with your usual health provider.

If your GP or specialist does not provide vaccination services, you will be given a script and consent form which you can take to your nearest vaccination clinic.

The third dose is recommended to be given 8 weeks after your second dose. To optimise your immune response, it is recommended that you discuss your current health and/or treatments with your GP or Specialist to find the most suitable time to receive it.

For more information, please see the Ministry of Health update below: