The Whipp’s Story

In June last year, Christine donated one of her kidneys to Bradley.

As far as impromptu gestures go, it was pretty huge.

Close families exchange gifts, but Sandra Whipp cannot even begin to think how to repay her sister-in-law Christine for saving her son Bradley’s life by donating a kidney.

“It’s just so humbling to think someone would do that for you, especially when they have their own children,” says Sandra.

“She literally gave us another chance to be a proper family again.”

Sandra and her husband Brendon – Christine’s brother – are resilient, and have faced more life-changing news than most.

They didn’t know Bradley, their first child, had Down syndrome when he was born.
“We had a couple of hours of normality, then we felt like our world had crumbled,” says the 51-year-old Dunedin teacher.

At the age of seven, Bradley was also diagnosed with Coeliac disease. To continue reading, click here.

Story written by Hayley McLarin, published by New Zealand’s Womens Weekly.