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kidney kids camp

Camp Keewee 

Kidney Kids NZ provide an annual camp for Kidney Kids between the ages 8 and 15 years of age. Each year, around 40 kidney kids from all over New Zealand attends Camp Keewee. Camp Keewee is designed to make happy, lasting memories that our Kidney Kids can cherish for years.  The three-day programme is filled with activities aimed to improve social skills, promote support between peers, build trust, self-esteem and confidence in each child who attends.

Camp Keewee 2018 was held at Carey Park in West Auckland. Kidney Kids NZ fly children, along with several volunteer parent helpers, up to Auckland from all over New Zealand for a fun-filled weekend of camp activities such as crate stacking, flying fox, kayaking, water slide, campfires, BMX biking, and archery.

“Issy had a fantastic time at Kidney Kids camp! Over the years, she has missed every school camp because of so much time spent in the hospital. She can’t help but feel different from the other kids at school, and she struggles with missing out. But at Kidney Kids camp, Issy didn’t miss out and didn’t have to hide her condition around other kids – kids who understand. She has come home from this year’s Kidney Kids camp with a new view on her word – she feels special, not different. We can’t thank Kidney Kids enough for giving Issy such a wonderful experience!” – Jill (Issy’s Mum)

YAK Camp

Young Adults Kidney Kids Camp is held once a year for our young adult Kidney Kids between the ages of 16 and 21 years. Every year, around 30 young adults attend YAK Camp.  This camp is intended to mentor and encourage our young adults to participate within their community, despite their kidney condition.  The camp gives these young adults a chance to develop life-long friendships, exchange personal experiences, discuss aspirations and gain encouragement from their peers.

YAK Camp 2019 was held at at Bridge Valley Christian Camp in Nelson.


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