Dr Nick Selvathesan’s Starship Fellowship


“From January to July 2022, I completed a 6 month clinical paediatric nephrology fellowship at Starship Children’s Hospital. The fellowship provided me with an excellent foundation in paediatric nephrology and facilitated my professional development. The following is a brief outline of activities undertaken.


Throughout my time I was exposed to various aspects of acute and chronic nephrology including glomerular diseases, urinary tract malformations, hereditary kidney disease, dialysis, and transplantation. I worked closely with the paediatric nephrology team including senior clinicians, nurse specialists, dieticians, pharmacists and social work to provide care both in the inpatient and outpatient setting. As time progressed, I was given the opportunity to take ‘first call’ which included fielding all consultations from around country with senior supervision. This to me, was one of the most humbling but valuable learning experiences allowing me an insight to the ‘light of the end of the tunnel’ and what awaited me as a senior clinician. This only further deepened my passion and reinforced my resolve to be a paediatric nephrologist.


The fellowship also provided my first taste of clinical research and medical academia. I was able to review clinical outcomes of paediatric and young adult kidney transplant outcomes in Aotearoa with the aim of improving the transition process for our patients at a systemic level. I was also fortunate enough to have two medical posters accepted for presentation at the Annual Dialysis Conference held virtually and the International Paediatric Nephrology Association Congress which will be held in Calgary this coming September. I had the opportunity to develop my clinical education skills informally through supervision of junior trainees and formally through national seminar presentations of clinical cases and journal clubs. I was also invited to present an interesting clinical case to the paediatric nephrology team at National University Hospital in Singapore creating further connections with in the international nephrology community.


The team also facilitated my attendance at the Transplant Society of Australia and New Zealand post graduate course in Adelaide, to expose me to the newest transplant methodology and research. Now that I have completed my fellowship and am currently furthering my training in Canada, it is more evident than ever, how invaluable my time at Starship Children’s Hospital has been. The fellowship has provided me with a solid clinical base allowing me to excel as a clinician in any nephrology setting. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the paediatric nephrology team, Starship foundation and Kidney Kids for enabling my fellowship this past 6 months.”


(Dr Selvathesans’ letter of thanks). Kidney Kids wish Nick all the very best for the future and furthering his training in Canada.