Make A Donation


Help us support our Kidney Kids and their families nation-wide.

Become a Friend of Kidney Kids

  • $1,000 – one child to Kidney Kids Camp
  • $1,000 – support family while child at Starship
  • $1,000 – remedial education for one term
  • $1,000 – support for live kidney donors

In return you will receive:


Thank you letter
Invitation to fundraisers
Name on website if you agree
Donation Receipt -Tax Deductible

Bank Donation


Other methods of making a donation include depositing into our bank below, or through internet banking.


Our banking details are:

Kidney Kids NZ
12 3114 0046019 01


If you choose to use internet banking, please use the available reference fields to fill in your details, such as, name, phone number and reason for donation, i.e., general donation.

Make sure to contact our office at 0800 215 437 to provide us with your details, so we can send you a receipt for your donation.




A bequest is a way to remember a special someone or charity in your Will. It is a perfect and fitting way in which to leave behind your footprint, showing to the world that you cared for others. In the case of a bequest to Kidney Kids of New Zealand, you will be saying that you care for children who every day face the challenges that kidney disease brings. That they are not alone and because of your kindness, Kidney Kids of New Zealand can continue to be beside them on their journey.


We highly recommend that your Will is drawn up by your legal advisor, so that your wishes are carried out exactly as you intended.


Below is the suggested wording that can be included in your Will.


“I give and bequeath the sum of $………. (or) ………% of my estate (or) ………. the residue of my estate (or) ………………………… (description of property or assets) free of all charges to Kidney Kids NZ Incorporated, to be used where most needed, and the official receipt of an authorised officer from Kidney Kids NZ Incorporated shall be a full and sufficient discharge to my trustees.”


For an obligation-free chat, please contact us at (09) 2812446 or email [email protected]


Kidney Kids Donation Boxes


You might see our donation boxes nation-wide.


These boxes go along way in helping out our Family Support Team to continue their much-needed support services to our Kidney Kids and their families.


If you see our boxes drop in some spare change to help out our Kidney Kids. All funds raised will go towards supporting our Kidney Kids and their families to live the best life possible.


Entertainment Book


The 2019/20 Entertainment Book is now available.

Entertainment Books are packed with hundreds of up to 50% off and 2-for-1 offers for the best restaurants, cafes, hotel accommodation, attractions and activities. Kidney Kids will receive a percentage from your book purchase which will help us continue to provide services to our kidney families all over New Zealand.


Entertainment Books are now available in a digital version, so these offers and discounts will always be on hand from your Smartphone!



Thanks for making a real difference with your generous support, may your kindness come back to you in many wonderful ways!