About Us


Kidney Kids is a non-profit organisation established in 1990 to support children with kidney disease and/or urinary tract disorders and their whānau nationwide.
Starship Children’s Health is the main hospital for children with chronic kidney disease. This can mean lengthy periods away from home for the child and their parent/caregiver. During this time away, Kidney Kids aims to help alleviate the stress by offering emotional and practical support to families while their child receives specialised medical treatment.


Once referred, Kidney Kids provide continued support to the whānau, with advocacy and hospital or home visits. Kidney Kids also provide educational support for children who fall behind at school as a result of having kidney disease. We offer the opportunity to apply for personal development grants through the John Velvin Trust.  These grants help our kids to reach their full potential, which can be used towards their educational or personal developmental goals. The John Velvin Trust assesses each application against their criteria.


We also organise special events each year, the highlight on our calendar being our camps. We hold two camps each year for our Kidney Kids who are at, or near, end stage renal failure and kidney kids who are experiencing social distress.  Additional to this, we hold several regional Christmas parties.


Kidney Kids currently supports over 400 families nationwide.

Our Vision is for kidney kids and their families to lead the best lives possible.

Our Values

Family Focused

Supporting families with a child or young person with kidney disease by providing personalised support


Empowering families and children to connect with resources and information to achieve best possible outcomes


We work enthusiastically with families to provide support


To work within a framework of trust, honesty and fairness

Our mission is to support kidney kids and their families/whānau throughout New Zealand on their journey with kidney disease.

Strategic Goals


To ensure that those children who experience kidney disease have the best lives possible, and that they are not disadvantaged as they progress through education and into employment as young adults.


To make Kidney Kids more sustainable by improving our funding strategies, with increased corporate involvement through project partnerships.


To partner with Starship Foundation to provide funding for a nephrology fellowship to ensure the ongoing training of paediatric care physicians at Starship children’s hospital.


To help fund the development and implementation of Renal Reality: a patient database management system for Starship, to improve patient care.


Thanks for making a real difference with your generous support, may your kindness come back to you in many wonderful ways!